About Trinket

Here in Trinket Co, we fashion a range of uniquely designed products, suitable for all. Most importantly, we believe in the beauty of diversity. Through our products, we connect deeply with our customers, sharing with them the values and ethics we hold most dear.

Through each hand-crafted piece, we take pride in delivering quality yet sustainably manufactured jewellery to those that choose to be a part of this family. Each piece is inimitable to its own, passionately crafted by our artisans. The designs reflect our muses and brand philosophy, taking inspirations from ancient Indian and Thai architecture, to modern and minimal innovativeness.

To provide the utmost quality of jewellery adorned by our customers, our items are made in Sterling Silver (925 Silver). They are then plated in Vermeil Gold to ensure durability from wear and tear. We discourage and refrain from sourcing stones originating from conflict zones; those that are mined at the expense of human lives and rights.

Although a small and young company, we envision the barrier-free harmony in an ensemble of like-minded individuals. We seek to indulge in beauty without an environmental expense, with diversity and moral ethics as the foundation.