Shipping policy

This Shipping Policy describes how we deliver your products to you when you make a purchase from

As we receive your orders from our site, we check to see if the payment is paid yet or not, once the payment has been verified the next step continues onto the packaging of your order.

1. We take deep care of your order to make sure that no product is damaged on the delivery or packaging process (However if there seems to be a defect when you receive your order please contact us immediately)

2. Once your order is packaged, we then allow our delivery service to send to your address. 

3. Once you have received your order, we will kindly ask you to check to see if you have received the full order.

IF there are any problems during the process, we will inform you by email to give details as to why an order might be slow in process, rest assured we will do what it takes to get your items to your doorstep ASAP!